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TX4 Evo Woman

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TX4 Evo Woman is a leather shoe designed to guarantee maximum stability and grip even on the roughest terrain.Ideal for technical approaches and easy climbing routes, it offers unrivalled comfort thanks to the materials making up the upper and the roomy internal construction. The tread featuring a Vibram® MegaGrip compound and patented Impact Brake System™ block structure ensures maximum stability when descending and perfect traction control when climbing. The generous Climbing Zone at the toe guarantees precision and excellent grip when climbing and during tricky sections.The special midsole with the patented Resole Platform™ insert allows the TX4 Evo to be resoled without compromising performance and comfort. Resoling your footwear means extending its life cycle and consequently reducing waste.

Suede leather + rubber protective edgeand protective rubber toe cap
Ortholite® Hybrid Approach 4mm
Compression-moulded EVA
Vibram® MegaGrip with IBS
Resole Platform™ - Impact Brake System™

+ Resole Platform™: the sole unit is designed to be easily and quickly resoled by replacing the tread using original components supplied by La Sportiva.
+ Protective fabric applied to the forefoot midsole to protect it from abrasions
+ Climbing-derived lacing system for optimal fit adjustment