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New England Bouldering

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About the book

New England bouldering is some of the finest in the country, and this completely revised 3rd edition of New England Bouldering provides a comprehensive guide to the region’s best areas. From the granite blocks of Lincoln Woods, RI, to the schist nuggets of Smugglers’ Notch, VT, you’ll find detailed maps and information on over 1200 boulder problems. This guidebook also provides inspiration, with heartfelt essays and plenty of sweet action photography from Tim Kemple, Brian Lewis, and more.

Areas and features

  • Lincoln Woods, RI
  • Hammond Pond, MA
  • Hidden Valley, MA
  • Pawtuckaway, NH
  • Rumney, NH
  • Smuggler’s Notch, VT
  • McKenzie Pond, NY
  • essays from Jim Belcer, Lucy Humphreys, Joe Kinder, Alec Wooley, Joe McLoughlin and Dave Wetmore.
  • photos from Henry Barber, Bronson MacDonald, Pat Munn, Gabi and Brandon Fox, Alyssa Bennett, Lee Hansche, Jay Knower, and Brian Lewis

Looking for more? Gunks Bouldering describes over 600 boulder problems in the nearby Shawangunks of New York.


    Author Tim Kemple is an accomplished climber and globetrotting photographer. His roots are in New England, where he has established some of the hardest boulder problems in this book. Today he is based in Salt Lake City, UT, but he regularly revisits his old stomping grounds to make sure the sunny days out West haven’t made him soft. You can learn more about Tim and see more of his photography here.


  • New England Bouldering
  • 2018 Wolverine Publishing
  • by Tim Kemple
  • 252 full-color pages