Midnight Lightning

Midnight Lightning Liquid Chalk Refill Pack - 300mL

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This mega-sized 300mL liquid chalk refill pack is designed to top off Midnight Lightning 50mL clip bottles - with up to 6 full refills!

Innovative low-waste packaging uses 60% less materials, energy and resources in its manufacturing (industry first!). The lower weight and compactness also results in less emissions during shipping!

Since this packaging squeezes down as it is used, it also reduces spoilage caused by air (oxygen) getting in. Nothing is worse than buying an expensive tube or bottle of liquid chalk, only to have half of it dry out before you can get to use it!

Perfect for use on its own while bouldering or as a base layer for the ultimate grip on your sport routes!

  • Rosin-free*

  • Low-waste packaging

  • Low spoilage packaging (keeps chalk staying fresh)

  • Refills 6 x 50ml bottles