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Joshua Tree Bouldering

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About the book

Joshua Tree Bouldering is the definitive bouldering guide to one of Earth’s great playgrounds of stone — Joshua Tree National Park. At close to 500 pages, this book is fat! The sheer size and complexity of Joshua Tree’s granite mazes is mind-boggling: 30 square miles of rock piles, hundreds of formations — and countless boulders. For those seeking the thrill of exploration and a lifetime of bouldering, Joshua Tree is ad infinitum. This is the most comprehensive book available on Joshua Tree bouldering, documenting more than 2000 problems. Josh is one of the cradles of American bouldering, with historic 1960s problems put up by the wild and crazy Desert Rats Uninhibited, through serious Stonemaster classics of the 1970s and ’80s, to outrageous V-double-digit testpieces by the likes of Rob Mulligan, Chris Lindner, Chris Sharma, and Keenan Takahashi. Come try your hand at some of California’s best and most famous boulder problems, including White Rastafarian (V2), Slashface (V3), Lynn Hill Memorial Face Problem (V4), Stem Gem (V4), JBMFP (V5), So High (V5), Scatterbrain (V6), Planet X (V6), Streetcar Named Desire (V6). Pumping Monzonite (V7), Caveman (V7),  Dark Matter (V9), Iron Curtain (V11), and Iron Resolution (V13).

Plus the town of Joshua Tree is really cool, loved by climbers from around the world. Check out this online guide for a peek into the attractions of the town.

Areas covered

  • Lost Horse
  • JBMF
  • Real Hidden Valley
  • Hidden Valley Campground
  • The Outback
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Echo Tee
  • Barker Dam
  • Planet X
  • Cap Rock
  • Ryan Campground
  • Hall of Horrors
  • The Underground
  • Geology Tour Road
  • Indian Cove
  • … and more!

Joshua Tree Bouldering Features

  • 2000+ problems
  • Premium, sewn binding
  • Problems color-coded by difficulty
  • Photos of almost all boulder problems
  • Inspiring action photography
  • Artsy and accurate maps
  • Camping beta
  • Detailed bouldering history

About the author

Robert Miramontes first visited Joshua Tree National Park in the mid 1980s and began a life-long obsession with climbing and bouldering. His love of the park inspired the cultivation of another passion — photography — and combining these passions led to the creation of this book. Robert has now written six books for the area, including this one, as well as the Wolverine titles Joshua Tree Rock Climbs and Joshua Tree National Park: The Insider’s Guide. He lives near the Park with his wife Christina, also a climber, and daughter Alexandra.


  • Joshua Tree Bouldering, 2nd edition
  • 2016 Wolverine Publishing
  • by Robert Miramontes
  • 484 full-color pages