Brendan Leader

Best of the Red

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Guidebook for Sport Climbing in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA. 2017 Edition

By Brendan Leader

Published by Onsight Photography and Publishing

The Red River Gorge is one of the premier sport climbing destinations in the world. This guidebook offers the most complete coverage of sport climbing in the entire region in a single volume. From the northern crags, to the southern crags, Muir Valley, Miller Fork and all that lies between, Best of the Red offers comprehensive coverage of the best crags the Red has to offer.

Within a compact 176 pages, a staggering 1271 rock climbs are carefully described at 46 of the crags scattered amongst the hollows of the Red River Gorge. Featuring 14 beautifully rendered maps, 322 marked topo photos, clear and concise access and route descriptions, this book will get you there, roped up and ready to tackle your climb with not a moment lost.

This guidebook features stunning action photography that will get you dreaming about your Red River Gorge climbing adventure. Best of the Red has a classy no-nonsense design with functionality built in to its core to help you get down to business and make the best of your time in the Red.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of 46 crags (see photo for complete list)
  • 1271 routes detailed and described
  • Wide angle topo shots showing earth and sky to make route identification a breeze
  • Mouth-watering action photography throughout
  • Hiking times, sun/shade aspect, rainy day crags, kid friendly cliffs
  • Local area beta
  • Compact size for easy packing
  • Portion of proceeds donated to RRGCC and FOMV