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Tension Shoe Spray (for rubber)

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This unique combination of natural cleaning, conditioning, and drying agents is specifically formulated to increase shoe rubber performance while protecting the rock from the polishing effect of dirty shoes.

It revives the tackiness of your shoes, allowing you to stick better to volumes and footholds. And no… it’s not just rubbing alcohol.


The Shoe Spray is a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant based climbing shoe cleaner. This unique solution is formulated to clean and restore climbing shoe rubber to its original tacky feel. Over time rubber becomes stiff and slick due to exposure to oxygen. The Shoe Spray is specially formulated to perform three key functions. First, the solution removes dirt and chalk leaving the shoe rubber free of debris. Second, the spray deoxidizes the rubber which restores it to its original tacky feel. Finally, the conditioning agent protects the rubber and helps maintain its tacky feel by slowing oxidation.


Small particles of dirt on your shoes act like sandpaper and can contribute to holds becoming polished. By removing dirt and other small particles you are helping prolong the life of the rock. While some amount of polishing is inevitable due to climbing, with clean shoes we can help reduce our impact on the rock. Shoe cleaning is one small change that can have a huge impact over the course of a lifetime of climbing.


Once your shoes are completely dry you can enjoy their enhanced performance.  The alcohol in our solution acts as a drying agent to help your shoes dry fast so you can get back to climbing. We have found our spray to be incredibly useful for all types of climbing, but especially with volumes in gyms, climbing in cold weather, and on polished feet.


  1. Apply 2-3 sprays of Tension Climbing Shoe Spray to the climbing shoe rubber.
  2. Wait 10-20 seconds to allow the solution to deoxidize the rubber.
  3. Wipe of the remaining solution with a lint free cloth and allow rubber to air dry completely before climbing.
  4. Enjoy increased shoe rubber performance!

Size- 4 oz bottle