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Classic Wild Country Friends now with a twin axle to increase their range. Woohoo! The original and definitive cam angle (13.75) has been tested and proven in cracks since 1977. This new version has a hollow axle to make it stiffer and lighter. Wide, skimmed lobes grip better and tend to scar the rock less. The Dyneema sling can be extended to make placing fast and to save the weight of using a quickdraw on each.

  • Stiff, hollow axle design.
  • Stainless steel stem with thumbloop that allows precision at the full extent of your reach.
  • 12mm Dyneema sling. Strength is 12kN when doubled, 10kN when extended.
  • Twin axle design increases range of placements.
  • Colour coded slings match lobes for quick selection.