Veloce Women's

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Geared towards indoor climbing, the Veloce is ready to handle the big holds, volumes, and steep angles of modern gyms. The roomier toebox and moderate downturn keeps precision in the toes without the compression and pressure of an ultra-high end shoe. Incredibly soft and sticky S-72 rubber grips even the smeariest of footholds, and the small Flexan midsole provides enough support for edgy problems on more vertical walls. This shoe is great for beginner to advanced climbers looking for a comfortable shoe for long gym sessions or training days.

  • Microfibre upper ensures a consistent fit over time
  • Relaxed Performance Fit is slightly asymmetric and downturned for precise foot placements without too much pressure
  • Z-strap closure system spreads the pressure of cinching down the strap across the upper and allows for lots of adjustment
  • 1.0mm Flexan midsole under toes provides some support without losing sensitivity
  • DTS™ randing system balances edging power and smearing ability
  • PAF heel system distributes the pressure on the heel for a comfortable fit
  • Super sticky S-72 rubber provides exceptional friction. Recommended for use indoors or on smooth rock. Due to the softness of the rubber, it is not recommended for use on sharp rock
  • Members typically downsize 1-1.5 sizes (performance fit) or 0.5-1 sizes (comfort fit) from their street shoe size
Weight 380g (38)
Ideal for
  • Indoor climbing
  • Hook-and-loop
  • Synthetic
Outsoles 4mm Scarpa S-72
Lined No
Made in Italy