Verve Belikos Pant

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The Belikos pant is a product with an interesting design history. In its first form, it was an East German fighter pilot pant, up for sale in a Hamburg thrift store. Discovered by young graffiti artists from Berlin, it was transformed into a break-dancing piece for their fledgling company "Overdose." My first experience with the pant came while designing a climbing gym in the center of that city and hanging out with the boys of Overdose: I realized their pants could be the basis for a state-of-the-art bouldering pants. Back at the Verve office, I redesigned the crotch (formerly absurdly low) and changed the fabric from a lightweight cotton to a heavier cotton/nylon blend. (CG)

(As of 7/ 2022)  the Belikos Pant is available in 50% cotton /50% nylon ripstop..It is stiff to start but is my all-time favorite fabric for these pants.

50% cotton 50% nylon  ripstop   |   machine wash cold, hang dry