Brendan Leader

The Red

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THE RED 1st Edition

Comprehensive Sport Climbing Crags

Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA


Written by Brendan Leader

Published by Onsight Photography and Publishing

The Red River Gorge is one of the premier sport climbing destinations in the world. This guidebook offers comprehensive coverage of sport climbing crags in the entire region in a single volume. Every single crag of the South, Miller Fork and Muir Valley is included in this edition. On top of that, all of the sport crags found in the North are covered. The Red is, quite simply, the one guidebook to rule them all.

No longer is it necessary to buy and carry around multiple guidebooks for the RRG. Within a user-friendly 320 pages, a staggering 2300+ rock climbs are carefully described at more than 100 crags scattered amongst the hollows of the Red River Gorge. Featuring beautifully rendered maps, impeccably marked topo photos, clear and concise access and route descriptions, this book will get you there, roped up and ready to tackle your climb with not a moment lost.

This guidebook features stunning action photography that will get you dreaming about your Red River Gorge climbing adventure. The Red has a classy no-nonsense design with functionality built in to its core to help you get down to business and make the best of your time in the Red.

Key Features:

  • 2300+ routes detailed and described
  • 100+ crags comprehensively covered
  • Southern Region, Miller Fork and Muir Valley: every single crag included
  • Northern Region: every sport crag included
  • Wide angle topo shots showing earth and sky to make route identification a breeze
  • Accurate maps for both driving and hiking
  • Table of Contents for each region for quick navigation
  • Color-coded route numbering denoting sport, trad or mixed routes
  • Mouth-watering action photography throughout
  • Hiking times, sun/shade aspect, rainy day crags, kid friendly cliffs
  • Local area beta
  • User-friendly size for packing