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Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers

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About the book

The Rock Warrior’s Way is the definitive mental training manual for climbers. Learn to focus attention, overcome fear, use effective strategies, and build powerful habits. Getting strong in the gym can help improve your climbing, but an effective mental game will help you learn to apply that strength. A strong mind is the key to becoming powerful on the rock. Drawing from “warrior” literature (as well as sports psychology), The Rock Warrior’s Way is the ultimate tool to help improve your performance and gain more enjoyment from your climbing.

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About the author

Arno Ilgner

In 1995, after a thorough search of the literature and practice of mental training and the great warrior traditions, Ilgner formalized his methods, founded the Desiderata Institute, and began teaching his program full time. Since then, he has helped hundreds of students sharpen their awareness, focus attention, and understand their athletic (and life) challenges within a coherent, learning-based philosophy of intelligent risk-taking. Ilgner considers the joy and satisfaction in the effort – the “journey” – intimately linked to successful attainment of goals, the “destination.” Alumni of his courses now include some of the nation’s most prominent climbers.

Ilgner has run clinics across the USA and Australia. He has worked with young competition climbers and written national magazine articles based on his methods. He holds a BA in geology, spent several years operating his own geological consulting firm in the Wyoming oil fields, acted as Chief Financial Officer for an industrial tool distribution company, attended the Army Ranger School, and served a non-combat tour of duty in Korea. He currently resides with his family near Nashville, Tennessee.


  • The Rock Warrior’s Way
  • 2003 Desiderata Institute
  • by Arno Illgner
  • 146 B&W pages