Jul 2

  • セール
  • $14.00
  • 通常価格 $38.00
  • 残り1個

  • Single-rope belay device

  • Slight braking performance

  • Thumb loop assist

  • 8.9-11mm rope range


Ideal for single pitch cragging, or working with the fat ropes in climbing gyms. The wide slot fits up to 11mm ropes, even those that have become stiff and cable-like with use.

  • Made of robust abrasion-resistant stainless steel.

  • High braking performance helps you catch and hold a leader who likes to hang and work projects.

  • Rope can be paid out fast by holding the device in the open position with the thumb.

  • Great handling, even for larger-diameter ropes.


ShowTech specs

Weight 116g
Ideal for

  • Snow and ice climbing

  • Rock climbing

  • Indoor climbing

Type Tube
Material Stainless steel


CE certified Yes
Made in Germany