Unparallel Climbing Shoes are produced in their own Californian factory with a unique high-friction rubber compound. Unparallel (UP) Climbing Shoes are designed to improve performance and ensure that your climbing experiences are better than you’ve had before.

What's the history behind Unparallel brand?

Founded: Unparallel Climbing Shoes was established in 2016 by Sang Lee, a former designer for Five Ten, another well-known climbing shoe company. Lee founded Unparallel with the goal of pushing the boundaries of climbing shoe technology and design. He aimed to create shoes that would provide climbers with superior grip, precision, and comfort, while also being environmentally conscious in the manufacturing process.

Rubber: One of the key aspects that sets Unparallel climbing shoes apart is their use of the "UP Rubber" compound. This rubber is designed to offer exceptional friction and durability, making it an excellent choice for climbing shoes. The development of this rubber compound was a significant step forward in the climbing shoe industry.

Design: Unparallel also pays attention to the overall design and performance of their climbing shoes. They offer a range of models for different types of climbing, from bouldering to sport climbing and traditional climbing. These shoes are engineered to provide the best possible performance in specific climbing scenarios, whether it's steep overhangs, tiny edges, or crack climbing. In terms of innovation, Unparallel has focused on creating shoes with features like "toe cap technology," which enhances toe hooking ability, and "X-Tension Active Randing," which provides optimal support for the climber's foot. These innovations have contributed to the brand's reputation for producing high-quality climbing footwear.

Popularity: Unparallel climbing shoes have gained a following among climbers who appreciate their focus on performance, durability, and innovation. While the brand may not have the long history of some other climbing shoe manufacturers, it has quickly made a name for itself in the climbing community by offering products that meet the demands of modern climbers.

How do Unparallel climbing shoes fit?

Unparallel recommends sizing the same as your US street shoe size or 1/4 size up or down depending on personal preference or intended use.  We find most people size at street shoe size or 1/2 size up or 1/2 size down.