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The new Mandala embodies the evolution of the No-Edge™ family. Facilitating the fluidity of natural climbing movement in a way only No-Edge™ can offer, the Mandala has a high performance heel shape, a single reinforced strap, and an ultra sticky rubber coated toe box to offer inspiring security and confidence when footwork involves advanced heel and toe hooks and heel-toe cams. Minimal materials separate your foot from the stone to ensure high levels of responsiveness and feedback for demanding low percentage moves. The Mandala’s design offers optimized performance on the most complex routes, while ensuring the toe box adapts perfectly to establish supreme grip on the worst footholds imaginable.

• Patented No-Edge™ technology gives you the ultimate rubber-to-foothold contact area for maximum friction on the widest variety of foothold shapes. Compared to traditionally edged shoes, the rounded toe allows for enhanced sensitivity, precision, and grip as the foot conforms more closely to the irregularities found on footholds
• High coverage area and ultra-grippy rubber at the toe for the most extreme toe hooks
• No-Edge™ provides increased rubber longevity as the toe profile spreads wears more evenly
• Single strap slipper design for optimal foot hold security when heel hooking
• Balanced mix of support and sensitivity even when the shoe is faced with micro footholds

WEIGHT: 240 g / 8.4 oz (Half Pair)
UPPER: Microfiber / Recycled elastic / 2 Heel Pull-Tabs
LINING: Unlined
MIDSOLE: 1.1mm LaspoFlex / Leather Insole / P3 System™
SOLE: 3mm Vibram® XS Grip2™
LAST: PD 85 
FIT: High asymmetry

3D Flex™


Multi-directional upper hinge that supports natural ankle movement while providing stability and protection



Wrapped sole eliminates sharp angles allowing for increased sensitivity as it follows a foot's natural contours

Vibram® XS Grip2 ™


Rubber compound developed for maximum grip and friction while delivering precise support and stability