Zlagboard PRO 1.0

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The Zlagboard is the first device that allows you to follow a structured training schedule in an uncomplicated way. The exercises are intended to train finger and upper body strength as well as body tension. Detailed statistics give an overview of the performance and output curve.


The Zlagboard Pro is the right hangboard for all performance levels from beginner to professional. It offers all kind of grip shapes and sizes and can accompany climbers throughout their entire climbing career. On the legendary contest edges, you can measure your strength level and compare yourself to climbers from all over the world.

The specifically developed smartphone application makes the Zlagboard a truly innovative product. It enables you to train according to the newest schedules, written by highly recognized international trainers. The handling of the app is very simple and intuitive. The software controls hang and pause times, intervals and rest days. You can thus concentrate on the essential: climbing itself.

Ideal for Climbing training
Material Wood
Hold size Mixed
Mounting hardware Not included
Dimensions 70.5 x 25cm
Number of holds 24
Made in Italy