Tension Climbing

Grindstone Mk2 Hangboard

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The next evolution of our flagship hangboard. Combining unmatched comfort, improved design, and the utility of our former Grindstone models, the Mk2 represents everything we’ve learned about designing and producing single piece hangboards.

The Grindstone Mk2 is based around an asymmetrical edge layout to ensure equal grip spacing for each edge size to deliver a more consistent training stimulus.

The custom edge profile eliminates the typical pressure points of a standard rounded edge. Making it possible to train 4, 3, 2, or even 1 finger at a time without the need for designated pockets.


8mm Edges
10mm Edges
15mm Edges
20mm Edges
25mm Edges
30mm Edges
50mm Edge
Full Width Top Jug
Engraved Edge Depths
Phone Holder
Comfortable Edge Profile
Poplar Wood

6 Phillips Head Screws Included