Diamond Finger

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Train like a pro: Diamond Finger makes it possible. As one of the first ever climbing brands, MAMMUT offered a hangboard back in the early 90s and today, a digital solution has taken us back to our roots. The Diamond Finger Hangboard allows you to follow the training plans of professional climbers. To do this, download the official Zlagboard app and get access to free workout plans that were developed in cooperation with MAMMUT. Various plans are available depending on climbing experience, strength and endurance levels. The Diamond Finger Hangboard has been developed in close collaboration with our MAMMUT Pro Team Athlete Jakob Schubert as well as with Ingo Filzwieser, the former coach of the national Austrian climbing team. As a result, Diamond Finger provides a wide range of holds in different shapes and sizes so that beginners and advanced climbers all get their money's worth.