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Transgression Hangboard

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-do not come with screws-

Transgression®, created in 2011 by climber and coach Eva López, is currently the only finger training board that features both a design and a set of training methods derived from a Doctoral Thesis (López-Rivera, 2014).


is it for?

- You are familiar with specific finger training: unweighted dead hangs and moderate-intensity methods.

- More than 18 year old (Morrison & Schöffl, 2007)*.

- Medium/high level of finger strength (being able to hang for more than 15 seconds off a 10 mm edge).

- More than 3-4 years of systematic and continuous practice of climbing.


Dimensions: width 595 mm; height 405 mm; depth 150 mm

Edges: 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm. Maximum error in edge depth is ±0.3 mm to achieve a consistent experience across boards.

Weight: 8,0 kg

Material: Polyurethane