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• For belaying a leader or abseiling
• Robust stainless steel construction with minimal weight due to optimal design and intelligent use of materials
• High braking performance assists belayer with leader falls
• Rope can be paid out faster to a leader by holding device in the “open” position with the thumb


The Edelrid Mega Jul Sport is the sport version of Edelrid's award-winning assisted braking belay device. With a specific geometry for sport climbing, the Edelrid Mega Jul Sport has been designed for slicker belaying - including with thicker ropes - than the original Mega Jul to make it better for smoother, faster rope handling, but still retains the high-braking performance that the Mega Jul was recognised for.

The Edelrid Mega Jul Sport works much like a regular tube device, except it has an elongated wire loop with an ergonomic section "thumb hook". When the leader falls, the device will lock the rope, and the belayer must use the thumb hook to lever up the device, freeing the rope. This makes it much easier and safer for the belayer to catch a fall and reduces the chance of human error, as well as allowing the belayer to pay rope out faster, holding the device in the "open" position with the thumb loop to minimise friction and easily and smoothly pull the rope through the device without effort. The same applies when rappelling, where the thumb loop can be levered to free the rope from the lock position for smooth lowering.

Assisted braking devices make sport climbing much safer by assisting the braking the belayer must perform, but this also adds bulk and can affect the speed of the device. The Mega Jul Sport is one of the lightest assisted braking devices on the market, with a design made for specifically for sport climbing to increase climbing safety without compromising on speed or efficiency.