Lattice Training

Extensor Bands

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Target your extensor muscles with the Lattice Training finger bands, an important component of grip training for climbing. Developing strength in the forearm extensor muscles helps the fingers in handling the intense loads they are put under whilst climbing. Often prescribed with our training plans – get a set of Lattice’s silicone bands that have been specifically designed to be kind on climbers’ skin. Each pack comes with a set of 3 bands that combine to make 7 levels of increasing resistance to work through.

  • Use as a warm-up before a session to help increase blood flow as well as a standalone session to help build strength.
  • Perfect for both rehab and prehab – helps to develop and maintain excellent finger and elbow health.
  • Popular with coaches for supporting mobility and helping to improve extensor strength.
  • Each pack contains 3 colour-coded bands – increasing in strength that combines for 7 levels of resistance.
  • Lattice has used silicone to make the bands because of its hypoallergenic properties making it kind to skin – no more cracked cuticles!
Intended Use
Warm up
Edge Width
3 Colour Coded Bands Increasing in Resistance
Mounting Hardware
8cm × 5cm × 1.5cm