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Crazy Idea - Levity Jacket Men's

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The flagship of our research: the lightest down jacket in the world.

The ultimate mountaineering jacket, no other full zip hooded jacket combines this lightness with the extraordinary thermal power of the Levity. Its secret is the unprecedented analysis of every detail: its unique construction that we engineered allows us to remove any unnecessary seam and centimeter of fabric, minimizing weight while providing maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The padding is made with an unprecedented quality feather: Diamond Down. The feathers are selected by hand one by one in order to choorse only the most voluminous bows. Thanks to this work Diamond Down is extraordinarily light despite having a Fill Power of 950/1000.

The cells of the jacket are taped, without seams, to significantly reduce the escape of feathers.

The outer fabric is the revolutionary and innovative elastic 7 deniers rip-stop that weighting only 0,06 oz per square feet and it features a super light dwr coating.

The down is of European origin with water repellent treatment. No animals were killed to make this feather. world.


  • Probably the lightest down jacket in the world
  • Minimal chested pocket
  • Internal pocket in mesh
  • Glued cells non seamed, they sensibly reduce the exit of the feathers
  • 7 dinars external fabric, with a density of 18 grams per squared meter