Midnight Lightning

Midnight Lightning Vegan Brush

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Want the most sustainable brush out there? Midnight Lightning's Vegan Eco-Brush is not only animal-free but is also plastic-free, unlike other vegan brushes. This means you won’t be scrubbing microplastics into our environment as with plastic bristled “vegan” brushes.

Midnight Lightning built this brush to last, with a laminated bamboo handle that is nearly indestructible and full-height Tampico fiber bristles (they are from the Agave plant) to power through that caked-on chalk.

As a bonus, Tampico bristles are also hygroscopic, meaning they are moisture absorbent, which can help dry off those damp holds!

Brush Features:

  • animal and plastic-free
  • made with sustainable materials
  • tough laminated bamboo handle
  • oversized tampico bristles (8 x 2cm scrub area)
  • bristles are hygroscopic (absorbs moisture off holds)