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Le Pirate Belay Glasses 2.0

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LePirate glasses are to date the most affordable way to get a pair of high-quality belay glasses. The simple design and highly efficient sales and distribution process have allowed us to offer you an unbeatable price.


 The glasses are:

    • Light: They only weight 45 grams,  an important factor in multipitch climbing.
    • Thin: A smaller frame allows for better peripheral vision.
    • Elastic: The frame recovers its shape when bent, making them more resistant.
  • Cheap: Since they are sold directly from the source, you save money.

All the glasses are delivered with a set of:
    • case with a carabiner. Carry them on your harness
    • cover
    • cloth
The glasses come in two model types: 2.0 and 3.1
    • 2.0 represents the slightly older model
    • 3.1 represents the newest model

The 3rd Edition of Le Pirate Belay Glasses. Improved durability and high vertical viewing angle.

  • Robust: The frame is now stronger, hinge full in metal and prims are now embraced by small sidewalls. 
  • Light: Its weight of 44 grams makes them comfortable and easy to transport in multipich climbs too.
  • Vertical vision: The frame keeps the angle of vision. Your head will remain in a relaxed position even when your partner is in love with overhangs.
  • Vision of your environment: You can see well what happens around you and not only what the climber does.

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